Since our 1st step in 1979 we were only 2 few workers working hard Together for our factory, we initially decided to seek our customers satisfaction in order to guarantee our hard work, which gives Thaisoutheast Knihing factory, today, one of the best pulloverk cardigan manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

     Before these hard working years become our success, today, we have been through both trough & peak but still, we keep our job on the track, we have been through staff training, outsourcing for new materials, factory development and much more.

     We noticed that, market changes Everyday we try to deliver our best effort to the customers, which again gives us hundreds of loyal customers.

     Thaisoutheast knitting factory is equipted with 120 hand frame machines, 40 automatic machines, & which Produces minimum monthly approximately to 7,000 dozs and to be calculated to 84,000 dozes yearly.

     We are accomparied with more than To suppliers from both domestic K international, that serves our recent market in USA, Europe, Japan and etc.

      Today , we have more than 200 staffs working for us and of course, so the market changes, we are looking forward to expand and develop our goods K service to meet the satisfaction of the customers which have been our mission since 1979, and gives us everyday "a hard working day"